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Built for the outdoors

With its reliable performance and rugged good looks, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that equals the Landcruiser’s capabilities

Tough and reliable

Built for off-road driving, the Land Cruiser combines the very best that Toyota has to offer for those who wish to go off the beaten track.

Powerful performance

With its two fuel tanks, 5 speed manual gear box, high and low range gears, front and rear differential locks, the Land Cruiser will ensure peak performance.


The first Land Cruiser was built in the Great War by command of Emperor Hirohito as a copy of Willys Jeep, for the Japanese Army. Over the years it became the toughest vehicle of the world. Toyota later developed the Land Cruiser further to the “Master of Africa”.

This was supported by: You always will find a mechanic, everywhere in Africa.

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Land Cruiser is made for Africa

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Why choose us

Land Cruisers are plain in build, tough and reliable. And that is the reason we use Land Cruiser for our adventures in Africa. That’s what we love: driving around in Africa with a Land Cruiser.

Our commitment to you is to provide the best car for your adventure. Fitted with all you need for an off-road adventure, our vehicles are the best option available.


Vehicles in the best condition


Accompanied by best services


Backed by years of tourism experience


Equipped with only the best camping gear and additional off-road equipments